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Indonesia Tour Package Cheapest in the World

Mulahela Observers say Diyak tourism, tour packages in Indonesia including the cheapest class in the world.

“Actually, tour package in Indonesia including the cheapest in the world and diverse tourist objects,” said Diyak Mulahela in Jakarta on Friday.

Diyak who served as Director of Tourism Information Development Agency (Lepita) said, compared with some neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, package tours in Indonesia proved much cheaper.

Package tours in the country are still more economical than Thailand which is intensively during tours offered “value for money”.

“More tourism in Indonesia range from marine tourism, cultural and historical attractions, shopping, sports tours, culinary tours, and many are not tergarap well,” he said.

Therefore, according to him, there is no reason not menggencarkan promotion of tourism sector as one of the pillars of the largest contributors of foreign exchange in Indonesia.

He pushed for the government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues to “sales mission” and facilitating the perpetrator of tourism promotional tour following the stock that is often held in various places.

“With the vigorous promotion is expected to boom of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia will buy our cheap holiday packages,” he said.

It is also hoped, with the number of visits terdongkraknya close this year at least for foreign tourists visiting the target 6.5 million is reached. Thus foreign exchange earnings projection for 6.5 billion U.S. dollars realized.

“I also have a close cooperation between central and local governments also the tourism industry to be able to realize that serves Indonesia, friendly, and low-cost,” he said.

The growth of foreign tourists to Indonesia until the third quarter of this year tested positive. Encouraging considering the fact that most of the tourism sector in the Asia Pacific region experienced negative growth in tourism and even some tourist favorite countries such as Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam fell significantly.

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