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The least known region in Bali, scarcely visited by tourists, and sparsely populated, Jembrana is home to the densely forested highlands of Bali’s National Park. The flatter southern region is rice growing country. Villages have clean air and flowering shrubs that almost obscure the neat little houses.

The local economy runs primarily on the harvesting of coconut, coffee, cloves, and vanilla. Jembrana has always been isolated and largely unaffected by events on the rest of the island, and its history has left it more influenced by Islam and Christianity than other regions of Bali.

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Welcome to the the Bali Tourism Board, the voice of Bali's tourism industry! As one of the prime tourist destinations of the world, the extraordinarily unique island of Bali virtually ensures a great holiday for backpackers and VIPs alike! From hostels to award-winning world-class resorts, Bali has it all! Come and experience Bali's one-of-a-kind culture and the natural hospitality of her people.

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