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MRA BALI International Triathlon 2009

June 28

MRA BALI International Triathlon 2009 will be held back for ketigakalinya, precisely akan held in Jimbaran, Bali, as the location of the race on 28 June 2009 to come. This annual event has a place apart in the International Sports calendar and fully supported by the company group MRA and the Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran Bay.

350 athletes enliven this event last year with more than 2.000 spectators and the success of this world will be repeated again in 2009 this branch because the sport is growing in Southeast Asia in particular and the world in general, and each year was increasing the number of pesrta 40%.

Luke McKenzie, Australia’s original professional athletes who sweep MRA BALI 2008 International Triathlon kekasihnya with the athletes was also a, Amanda Balding, has been registered for the race this year and berdating back as 2008 years ago, as the champion Rachael Gaudry first category daughter MRA BALI International Triathlon 2008.

In addition, Richard Sambera representing Indonesia and sweep this event years ago as the first Indonesian athletes who reach the finish line, attended again.

Triathlon race itself consists of three branch of sports, namely swimming a distance of 1.5 km climb, followed by cycling through a distance of 40 km and ended with a marathon run as far as 10 km. For MRA BALI International Triathlon 2009, plan participants will begin to swim from the beach front of the Four Seasons Jimbaran Intercontinental Bali Resort beach, where the participants will make a transition to the bike and continue with the next segment.

The participation Intercontinental Bali Resort hotel as one of the biggest sponsor this event is in line with the plan to anticipate growth panitya of MRA BALI International Triathlon itself and increase the number of participants each year, as has been previously disinggung that the number of participants experienced an increase of around 40% each year.

Will be held at the same time also a 5K Fun Run race route around the village with the custom of the Jimbaran beach that has a very beautiful location there is also a food and beverage sales, bazaars, stage entertainment will be held at the time this event took place.

Cash prizes, trophy and other prizes will be unique for the winner of this race, based on a certain category, such as age and gender category, the prize will also be the main form of accommodation 6 days 5 nights in a One Bedroom Villa Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran, so that expressed by John “Jack” M. Daniels, President Director of Bali Discovery Tours, the pioneer company Bali this event together with the Generic Events from the United States is very proud of the successful achieve MRA BALI Triathlon for the last three years, in a press meet held at the Hard Rock Cafe on 20 May 2009 ago.

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