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Regent Gde Agung Apart Jamaa’ah Haji Badung District

Prospective pilgrims Badung regency in 2009, released by the Regent of Badung AA Gde Agung, SH. held in the meeting room Kerta Gosana Puspem Mandala Praja Badung Mangu, Sempidi, Wednesday, (4/11). also present at the event Badung DPRD Angota Putu Yunita, Badung regency Kakandep Religion Ida Bagus Gede Subawa.

Regent Gde Agung in sambutanya said, welcomes this initiative, because as the government is committed to continuously provide services to the community all the more to you – you are going to perform the pilgrimage. As we understand, with that Pilgrimage is obligatory for Muslims, only one time in her life, this means leaving Haji second and third and so no longer required. Leaving the first Hajj should not try to be prepared but mature as possible.

Furthermore Gde Agung said that should you – you are going to leave this year really – really equip ourselves both science and skills, so that the Pilgrimage which will be non-profit – profit and testing, should you – you can run with the best Pilgrimage — The good, obey the instructions – instructions of worship as it was obtained during the Hajj Manasik guidance, with the expectation that all Pilgrimage circuit can be done properly in order to reach the title Haji mabrur.

Added from the account of the pilgrims who have returned from the holy land can be seen that in the holy land you would associate with a Muslim – a different world of nature and that karakternya. Diingatkan ladies and a Nations ambassador of Indonesia to participate must maintain and carry the good name The Indonesian people in general and the good name and the District of Bali Province in particular, in addition to pilgrimage, can also promote tourism, Bali mengiformasikan that province and regency of Badung is the object of an international tourist destination during the visit was very interesting and conducive to be visited by anyone.

Meanwhile Badung Regency Religion Kakandep Ida Bagus Gede Subawa reported prospective Hajj pilgrims left for the Badung Regency holy land on 16 November 2009, which joined the kloter 80 Surabaya and his stay in the holy land during the 41 days, amounting to 31 pilgrims consisted of 14 male worshipers 17 pilgrims and the group leader of women with Drs. Soleh Wahid.

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