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Spectacular, Sekaa Ambassador Gong Show Ready Badung in PKB July 01-02

Jul 01-02

Sekaa gong kebyar ambassador Badung Regency, both Sekaa gong kebyar children and adults ready to appear in the event Bali Arts Festival (PKB) to 31 at Taman Budaya Art Center on July 1 and 2 future. Badung goodwill ambassador this has been proven in the rehearsal clean the building in the Art Amphi Teatre Nusa Dua, Saturday (20/6) night. Gong kebyar children represented by Sekaa Gong Kebyar Children Sekar Segara Madu, Kelurahan Tanjung Benoa, Kuta Selatan District. Adult represented Sekaa Gong Kebyar Guntur Madu Br. Pane, Sibang Gede village, Abiansemal.

Rehearsal net two sekaa gong ambassador directly witnessed this Badung Badung Regent AA Gde Agung, SH, Chief Listibia Bali Rai Adnyana, Sekab I Wayan Subawa, the head of the PKK Pengerak Badung Ny. Ratna Gde Agung, the head of Badung WHDI Ny. Ketut Sudikerta, the head of Dharma Wanita Persatuan Badung Ny. Wayan Subawa, Arts Council of Badung, the official dilingkungan Pemkab Badung and the artists. Hit two second appearance ambassador Badung atusias also get from the audience.

First appearance, Sekaa gong children Sekar Segara Madu mambawakan Tabuh Kembang Ghora Creative Playground tabuh with I Wayan Gede Arnawa, SSN. Resumed sekaa adult Guntur Madu gong show with Tabuh Six Gadung Melati Lelambatan paper Ketut Suartajaya, SSKar. Second appearance, sekaa gong children show Dancing Adnyaswari, followed with the adult present sekaa gong dance creations Yohana Banda. Appearance of the third sekaa gong children with Dancing Manukrawa. Adult Sekaa Gong show tabuh common creation, the work of Wayan Widya. Last appearance, sekaa gong children Segara Madu Dolanan show “Mepenyu-Penyuan”. Treat the cover of Gong Sekaa Adult pragmen dance presents “Salya Ranca”.

Regent in effect and the message conveyed gratitude to the ambassador’s sekaa Gong Badung this. Badung ambassador as expected while maintaining discipline and the sense jengah, so it is able to appear to be in the best director in PKB later. With time remaining, the Board of Badung Regency, is also expected to continue to conduct guidance-guidance to stabilize appearance sekaa gong ambassador Badung this.

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