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“Tour de Merapi 2009” Ready clerics

“Tour de Merapi (TDM) 2009” held by Culture and Tourism Office of Sleman Regency in collaboration with the Association of Motor Indonesia (IMI) Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) ready to be held, Sunday, November 8.

Head of Tourism Department of Culture and Tourism Heru Wahyudi Sleman in Sleman Santosa, said Friday that participants do wosata cruise start at the field office of regency of Sleman, and finished at Kalinda tourist attraction.

According to him, all the preparations and coordination with relevant parties have done my best, so that when the implementation is expected that no significant constraints.

“This activity is suitable for lovers of touring bikes as well as for those who want to travel to various objects including a number of tourist villages in Sleman,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of DIY Pengprov IMI said Suparwanto TDM Setyo 2009 will pass certain routes in the area of Sleman, including a variety of tourist attractions and tourist villages.

“Mileage initial plan that will pass as far as 120 miles, but based on the last consideration, mileage is only 112 km,” he said.

However, according to him, with the distance as far as tourist objects that will pass more and more challenging than the previous mileage plan.

He said the object of tourism and tourist villages that will pass in between Kadisobo, Kembangarum, Ledoknongko, Kelor, Trumpon, Monument State Police School (NES), Professor Jeno Harumbrojo (Professor Kris), Sangubanyu, Sendari, Ketingan.

They will also be passing tourist Samaritan temple, Prambanan Temple, Temple Sewn, Pentingsari, Museum Mount Merapi, and the hill tourist Ground.

Setyo said all participants must attend the technical meeting , as will be explained about the ethics of the police traffic Sleman.

“In addition, also be delivered on the technical implementation of the provisions of TDM in 2009, and distributed to participants two jackets and a few other attributes,” he said.

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