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3 Unique Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts To Die For

As a travel enthusiast, perhaps you can boast to the whole wide world that you have stayed in various types of accommodations in the course of your journeys. Budget hotels, luxury suites, camping out – name it, you may have all settled into them before.

But, did you know that there are actually unique hotels in Bali, Indonesia that chances are, you haven’t been to and experienced before? Well, there are a lot of things to do and see in Bali that a day or two will never be enough to get the most of your vacation holidays.

Find something extraordinary when you’re in Indonesia to make your stay forever memorable. And these hotels described below may well just be listed in your bucket list, for they’re a great find!

Things To Do And See In Bali

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Unique Hotels You’ll Never Expect To See In Bali

  • Mara River Safari Lodge in Gianyar

You think it’s impossible to sleep and dine with animals in the wild, or watch them from a distance while you’re dipping yourself in the cool pool? No, it’s not, when you’re billeted at this hotel.  You don’t have to fly halfway across the world to Africa just to experience a safari adventure. But wait, that’s not the only perk you’ve got here. Rather, you can likewise feed the rhinos, zebras and elephants with some carrots right from the comfort of your own hotel balcony!

Too good to be true? Dine at their Tsavo Lion Restaurant and see for yourself. Better yet, plan a personal trip to this amazing venue and get the experience first-hand. You’ll have no regrets!

  • Hideout-Eco Bamboo Home With Water Wheel

If you want all the privacy during your holidays, get it here from your very own Hideout. It’s a wooden hut considerably secluded up in the Gunung Agung highlands. But, its hidden location is not the reason for its uniqueness – it’s the magnificent water wheel!

It makes the entire place self-sustaining – providing potable water and power for this amazing paradise in the midst of the woods. You won’t have to go look farther for anything that you may need. Yet, it comes with a price, too!

  • Alea Hotel Seminyak
Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts

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You may think this 3-star accommodation is just like any other hotel in the area. It could be but, the difference is that, its management gives opportunity for travelers to avail of real  budget-friendly deals for a complete holiday close to the well known beaches of Bali, actually close to Petitenget Beach.

What’s more, the hotel takes pride in its open-space restaurant, spa center, swimming pools, and meeting rooms. With a total of  144 stylish accommodations, all with TV, a mini-bar, as well as coffee and tea, whoever would not want to stay forever?

With that said, wouldn’t you be drooling at such offers and be itching to fly over to that part of the planet? Well, if you are, then let us help you plan your travel. We’ll make your stay at Bali Indonesia Hotels Resorts as unforgettable as possible. Browse these pages for more informative details.

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