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Back Lot Art Festival Held

As a favorite destination in Bali , DTW (tourist destination), Tanah Lot, never dry with activity and cultural arts . In addition to having a few temples that are able to create a natural cultural attractions, as well as the desire to give the manager of innovation and creative.

The proof, which in 2010 was awarded the Emerald DTW (the highest award) THK (Tri Hita Karana) Awards & Accreditation was again held Tanah Lot Art Festival. The event will be held on July 27 to August 2, which was centered in the upcoming Tourism Tanah Lot , Kediri, Tabana.

Arts and culture which in Tabanan regency has its own uniqueness and diversity of the arts in comparison with other regions. It was a potential that can be used as a tourist attraction, in addition as well as the development of preservation efforts. This activity also became a destination that is expected to campaign for mengajegkan arts and culture of Bali that Adi superb.

In addition, Tanah Lot Art Festival 2010 will refer to the subject matter ie 5 Performances, Race, Parade, Exhibition and Documentation. During implementation, tens of thousands of artists and the community will be involved in Tabanan. Through the implementation of Tanah Lot Art Festival is expected to be born young cultural achievement. Also provide a refresher for human life. According to Regulation No. 3 on Cultural Tourism which emphasizes culture of Bali is inspired by Hinduism, it means obliged to preserve and develop the culture of Bali.

Meanwhile, the show will feature art Cenk Blonk, Arts typical classic and new creations of Tabanan , Joged Mebarung tube, contemporary, and Pesantian Geguntangan, Arja Classics, Drama Gong, Gender Wayang and Pragmentari Bleganjur. Parade display: Gong Parade followed Kebyar Female 10 districts in the regency of Tabanan , Gong Parade Kebyar Adults and Children, too, adult Kebyar Gong Parade, Parade angklung Kebyar.

Meanwhile, for the race activities will feature kite competitions, flower arranging competitions, special occasions, food and clothing (PKK), a typical race Culinary Klepon and Tabanan regency . While the exhibitions will feature industry leading products, food, crafts and design, photo exhibitions and film documentation of tourism, exhibition of books on tourism and the exhibition of paintings.

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