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Bali Tourist Destinations

As one of the areas for the number one tourist destination in Indonesia, Bali has many tourist objects cans That be a choice for holiday purposes and. The Following brief information about the great Sights and interesting in the Island of the God

Bali is a paradise place in Indonesia for the purpose of tourist travel. In Addition to Providing a complete fasislitas to support the Bali tourism destination in bali most are in better governance. That indicates this is very serious in Bali Improving the quality associated with the Indonesian tourism. Visited tourist attraction in Bali an option if you include the WHO people like to visit the place Nowhere to travel and holidays.



Kintamani, a tourist destination in Bali, the which is located in Bangli regency, in a cynical you can see a very beautiful lake. With beautiful background of mountains and Lake Batur is the beautify smoke atmosphere. Do not miss to visit juag Toya Bungkah tourist attraction and the famous Trunyan Also with a unique burial system.

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach Sightseeing in the Sabie area, Pecatu very famous for beautiful beaches and challenging waves. For those WHO sports like surf, this place is one of the favorite places in Bali. If you visit Bali do not miss to visit tourist attractions around this place like GWK, Uluwatu Temple, Beach and Beach SULUBAN Nyangnyang.

Welcome to Bali

Bali Tourism Board

Welcome to the the Bali Tourism Board, the voice of Bali's tourism industry! As one of the prime tourist destinations of the world, the extraordinarily unique island of Bali virtually ensures a great holiday for backpackers and VIPs alike! From hostels to award-winning world-class resorts, Bali has it all! Come and experience Bali's one-of-a-kind culture and the natural hospitality of her people.

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