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Nyepi Day Nyepi Day is celebrated every year New Caka (compulsary Caka). Namely on Tilem Kesanga (IX) which is the day pesucian Gods who are in the central core of the ocean that brings living water sarining (Tirtha Amertha Kamandalu). For that Hindus do worship sacred to the Gods.

The main objective is to beg the Nyepi Day kehadapan Lord of the god, to purify Bhuwana Alit (human nature) and Bhuwana Great (universe). Nyepi Day celebration is as follows:

1. Tawur (Pecaruan), Pengrupukan, and Melasti.

The day before Nyepi, namely the “ping” panglong 14 sasih kesanga “Hindus perform ceremonies at a traffic Yadnya Butha and home environment respectively, by taking salahg one of the types of” Caru “according to his ability. Yadnya Bhuta, each named; Panca Sata (small),  Relatives (medium), and  Great (large).

Tawur or pecaruan itself is a purification / pemarisudha Bhuta Kala, and all ‘leteh’ (dirty), hopefully everything vanished.

Caru was conducted in the home, each consisting of; foreign rice color (five colors) accounted for nine duel / package, side dishes chicken brumbun (colored) accompanied tetabuhan wine / wine. Yadnya Bhuta Bhuta is addressed to the King, Bhuta Kala and Kala Bhatara, by pleading that they might not disturb the congregation.

After mecaru pengerupukan WSC, namely: spread rice spread tawur, torch-obori home and throughout the yard, house and yard with menyemburi mesui, and hitting any objects (usually a bell) to sound a crowded / noisy. This stage is performed to drive away from the home environment Bhuta Kala, yards, and the environment.

Especially in Bali, at this pengrupukan usually toned with a parade of ogoh-ogoh is the embodiment of Bhuta Kala who was paraded around the neighborhood, and then burnt. The same goal which is expelled from the surrounding environment Bhuta Kala.

Furthermore done that sweep over all leteh Melasti (gross) into the ocean, and purify “pretima”. Done in the sea, because the sea (ocean) is considered as the source Amertha Tirtha (Dewa Ruci, and Mandaragiri Pemuteran). No later than the Tilem afternoon, pelelastian been completed.

2. Nyepi

Keesoka day, namely on “ping” panglong 15 “(Tilem Kesanga), comes the Nyepi Day. On this day done fasting / peberatan Nyepi called Chess Beratha Penyepian and comprises; observe Geni (no berapi-api/tidak use and / or turn on the fire), observe the work (not working), observe lelungan (not traveling), and observe lelanguan (do not listen to entertainment). Beratha this is done since before sunrise.

According to Hindus, who are switching everything, always preceded by a dark omen. For example a baby who will move into the children (1 oton / 6 months), this symbol is realized with the ‘matekep guwungan’ (closed sangkat chicken). Women who move from childhood to adult (Ngeraja Sewala), the ceremony was preceded by ngekep (secluded).

So for the new period, pursued by the new birth, which actually began with a new, clean white pages. To start life in Çaka / barupun years, this base is used, so there are times observe Geni.

What is more important than the symbol-a symbol of birth is (observe Geni), in accordance with the Lontar Sundari Gama is memutihbersihkan heartstrings, and it is a must for Hindus.

Every knowledgeable person (the wruhing tatwa dnjana) performed; Bharata (lust restraint), yoga (connecting the soul with the Paramatma (God), tapas (suffering from resistance training), and samadhi (single entity to the Lord / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi), which aims physical and spiritual purity).

It became mandatory for all Hindus, so that will have a spiritual readiness to face any challenge life in the new year. Habit of celebrating Hari Raya with spree, gambling, drunkenness is something wrong habits and should be changed.

3. Ngembak Geni (Ngembak Fire)

Last of the celebration of Hari Raya Nyepi is a day which falls on Geni Ngembak date pisan ping (1) sasih kedasa (X). On the day This is the new year begins Çaka. Hindus bersilahturahmi with large families and neighbors, mutual forgiveness forgiveness (ksama), each other.

With the new atmosphere, new life will begin with a clean white hearts. So if the year ends BC December 31, and each new year begins January 1st, the year ended Caka limolas “panglong ping (15) sasih kedasa (X), and the new year began on 1 sasih kedasa (X).

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