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Date With Destiny With Anthony Robbins 12-17 April 2010

Achieving success without a failure

We live in extraordinary opportunity and the possibility that without end – but really we have our quality of life want? As Nobel dreams, you know what tasks must be you prioritize your dreams to be achieved. But with the number confront challenges, can be difficult to find balance and a true achievement in your life.

Moving Success

When all the fibers in your physical desire to bring your life to the next level, to find purpose life when you were born, what action will you take now and move into your true destiny? Level This same thinking has brought you where you go. To achieve quality of life is extraordinary, you must took the extraordinary step. You need more complex instructions to inspire your vision and help you find a superior understanding and achieve unique results.

Define Your Vision

Date With Destiny will help you to determine Your life purpose and massively increase the success rate you. This is a wonderful program of intense and intimate, 6-day event this is one of the 2 programs in the world that one – the only provides direct access to Anthony Robbins. If you constantly pushing you to do the best and refused to do the “good enough” also can reach emotions and your physical prime, everything can be achieved. Date With Destiny  is not an option — but mandatory programs!

Beyond Measure Your Progress

At Date With Destiny , you will design your life want and you deserve, find obstacles makes you hard to achieve that dream, learn how to make an important movement in the area of fundamental in your life and Condition yourself to consistently follow the plan. You will menikmatin intimate session and rare with Anthony Robbins, Success Coach Peak World-class performance. Tony will give you the tools to find a way to change themselves extraordinary and will There is more joy than you imagined.

Begin your journey, NOW!

What if you could find a way to encourage all the obstacles that prevent you from achieving life you want and you wanted? No matter what the status of you are or what your level of achievement, at Date With Destiny  will help you discover your deepest desires, the your potential and actual purpose of your life – truth. What Will You Feel In Date with Destiny 2010.

DAY 1: Prepare for Big Changes

Understanding the forces – forces that control the things you think, every emotion you are feeling and every action you take.

You’ll learn about: Model your life: The forces that control your life Triad: Three Power Shaping / Affect Every Emotion and Human Behavior Science of the Six Human Needs The Power of Choice.

DAY 2: Implementation Basics / Foundation Control Emotions

Find it for the rest of your life what constitutes a decision – decisions and your destiny. Identify what is causing pain and pleasure in your life and learn to create more fun. Develop emotional muscles that will strengthen your ability to meet the basic needs you the most In. Power of Kindness Evaluation: How do we interpret the world Your fate: Lessons of Consequences Questions Most Home: Patterns of Life Form is important that you.

DAY 3: Towards a New Horizon

Make yourself more sensitive to the circumstances and emotions – emotions of the past that cause you to deviate to the “wrong track” and learn how to quickly remove and replace it with a positive emotional condition, and strengthen you. Learn what motivates you and what you hold to go forward./p>

You will discover new things that surprise you:

Values and rules you have Power of Language / The words Global Metaphors We Live in depth Goal Setting: Creating Exciting Future Questions Most Home: Patterns of Life Form is important that you.

DAY 4: Welcoming Your Changes

Find exactly what you need most to achieve the value of your life’s most important – and then develop a step-by-step process to integrate your beliefs, values – values of life and past experiences into a single path that draws us towards our dream of the most beautiful.

You will:

Create Value – Value of Life and the New Rules Make You Empowerment Developing a Life of Honor Mission.

DAY 5: Be one change you

Imagine when you live every day with the clarity in which, whatever you think, say, believe, feel, want, and do, all integrated into one final goal that is very powerful. Imagine what you feel when you become a master of what you experienced, your life in total control of you every day.

You Can, When you learn how to: Held Making Changes Now and All Time How to Unite All Changes Emotions Get in the Top Level In.

DAY 6: Change Your Relationship Quickly

Learn about the power that controls all relationships, how to be harmonious at a deeper level than has ever happened and how to find and create a passionate relationship or rekindle the passion that already exists in your relationship.

You’ll find:

Key to Having a Great Relationship Strikes The difference between Masculine and Feminine Energy Your Ideal Spouse and Vision in a Relationship What makes the relationship work well vs. Burning desire


Date With Destiny  is a trip for those who want the best things in their lives. However, due to Anthony Robbins’s commitment to provide attention to each participant in particular, This program is open to the people in limited amounts.

Special Early Bird Rate:
Date With Destiny Bali 12-17 April 2010
Only USD $ 43,997,000
USD 41,997,000 (Offer Limited until December 10, 2009)

Special Bonus:
Wealth Mastery 16-19 Singapore in December 2009 (worth USD 24,997,000)
Flight to Jakarta-Denpasar-Jakarta (Worth USD $ 1,500,000)

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