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Function Toss Pura Bali Hindu Community in the Life

Hinduism in Bali is a social community that the religious, which is always closely connected with nature of God (Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa), so many pretend to be found as a place of worship of its manifestations in accordance with Hindu community functions such as pelinggih, penunggun reefs, temples dadia , corrected kemulan, temples and khayangan three others. Pura toss is one temple that is functional as a place of worship Bhatari toss.

Bhatari can be equated with the god toss Kwera (god of money), which in Bali is known as a hair Bhatari Sedana. As tangible as the toss is Ida Ayu Bhatari Subawa is the daughter of Dang Hyang Nirarta that have changed shape. Toss Temple is located at the northeast corner, leads to the market and there is also a toss Temple was located in the middle market. Who adored and who is responsible for the Pura toss are the people involved in market activities, both merchants, and workers responsible for the toss along with piodalannya Pura.

Pura toss is included religious and cultural aspects are very important position in the life of the community to provide Bhoga, Upa Bhoga Bhoga and Pari, into society is just, and prosperous. Market is one place to indulge in pursuing Jagathita (physical happiness) as a place providing shelter materials, food and shelter and do not neglect the spiritual interests by pretending Melantingnya.

Given the technological advances the market has undergone many changes both in its infrastructure facilities but also the case with the state pretending to throw from a simple form of a more permanent form. However do not modify the function of the temple but still maintaining its function as appropriate by the Hindu community and religious values did not fade proved the existence of trust in the Bhatari toss. It also makes one of the attractive force of the tourist island of Bali.

Pura definition toss

Pura toss is one Hindu temple in Bali. Pura is intended to be functional as stana (pelinggih) Bhatari toss. Bhatari toss abstract terms as head of the leadership “Wong Samar” that controls the entire universe, while the terms of his spiritual duty to protect / guard the safety of traders and give citizens in every Bale Banjar and each of the markets in Bali.

Understanding the meaning and toss

The word comes from the word Mel toss and earrings. Mel said that the garden, in addition mel said means unfriendly nature, heavy mouth, Mel also means that humid. While the word means stone earrings. From the word cause said earring earrings which means:
Ear jewelry made of gold.
Stone as a pendulum.
Bird earrings (a bird).

So we can conclude that the word toss can be separated into the word “mel” and the word “earrings”. Mel means garden and earrings that dangle on a string. Toss is an altar dedicated crops kehadapan Ida Ayu Swabawa as Bhatari toss (the god who controlled the market). A market is a meeting place between the buyer and seller to conduct bargaining (transaction) so that there is agreement by both parties. Toss is a place offering / praying for menghaturkan all crops as a thank you kehadapan Bhatari yang beristana toss in there and ask safety so as not to be disturbed by the wong samar.

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