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Hotel Facilities

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Basically, the hotel provides various facilities and services for the comfort, safety and satisfaction of hotel guests and also for those who use the facility and receive those services. As is known, that the hotel not only provide accommodation, but also food and beverages, as well as facilities and other services.


1. Basic Facilities (Business Basic)
a. Bedroom (Bed Room)
The official Home Office (Receptionist and Reservation Clerk) should have enough knowledge about the bedroom that will be leased as for example on the type of bedrooms, rental price / rate; facilities available and the location.
Bedroom hotel (Bed Room) can be classified into several categories such as:
1) Single Room, equipped with one bedroom with one single bed for one person.
2) Double Room, equipped with one bedroom with one double bed for two people.
3) Twin Room, equipped with one bedroom with two separate single beds each for one person may be occupied by two people.
4) Triple Room, can be a Double Room or Twin Room can be occupied by three people by adding one extra bed.
5) Suite Room, typically a bedroom equipped with a double or twin beds, living room and small kitchen.
In addition to the above categories in accordance with available facilities in the bedroom and the services provided is also known for other categories like President Room, Royal Room, and so forth.

b. Restaurant (Restaurant)
In essence, the restaurant is a place of business scope of commercial activities provided dishes and drinks to the public at his place of business. So with the restaurant facility, guests or other visitors can buy or enjoy a meal at the venue. Based on available facilities, the type of service, type of food and others, then the restaurant can basically be divided into several types.
1), Dining Room, a formal restaurant that sells various types of food with a la carte and table d’hote menu. Luxury equipment and more festive decorations is a central feature in addition to serving food a la the way of Russia or France.
2) Supper club, a special restaurant that has opened the evening with a variety of entertainment and places to dance (dance), and by offering a variety of foods in a la carte menu.
3) Coffee Shop / Coffee House, an informal restaurant with a kind of simple food and fast service (America Service) and are usually open for 24 hours.
In addition to the above three types of restaurants, also known as “specialty restaurant” that sells specialty food from certain countries or regions or the use of certain cooking methods such as the Japanese Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, French Restaurant, and Grill Room.

c. Bar
Bar is a place of business scope of commercial activities to serve liquor and other beverages to the public at his place of business. So with the bar facilities, guests and other visitors can purchase and enjoy a drink there. Likewise, Bar (Public Bar) can be differentiated into several types including:
1) Snack Bar, which offers the types of beverages and snack foods are very limited (Snacks);
2) Coktail Bar, which offers a variety of drinks Coctails and accompanied music.
3) Nite Club, which opened a special night by offering a variety of beverages and equipped with entertainment (entertainment) and the facility to dance / dance (dance floor).

d. Room service
Basically, Room Service provides facilities and food and beverage service to hotel guests in the bedroom. The facility is very useful for guests who do not have time or prevented from eating or drinking either in restaurants or in bars.

e. Special Functions
The facility is dedicated and very useful for guests who want to hold a meeting / special meal like andrawina (Banquet), Komperensi and other activities.

2. Supporting Facilities (Business Support)
Facilities which are closely linked with the needs of guests such as:
a. Laundry and Dry Cleaning
b. Telephone, Telegraph and Facsimile
c. Place of Sale of Goods, Newspapers & Magazines, a variety of tickets.





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