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Knowing About the #IamInBaliNOW Campaign

i am in bali now trend

The #IAmInBaliNOW campaigned is modeled after a similar successful scheme, that was both tried and tested during a devastating earthquake that happened in Nepal back in spring of 2015. It’s a brand new crowd-sourced, social media campaign to advise locals and tourists that Bali is open for business and to more tourism as usual.

The said campaign is a partnership between Bali tourism board, different travel agencies, resorts, shops, restaurants, yoga centers and suppliers – all located in Bali – who show concern for the island paradise. It has the support of tourism experts and special input and guidance from people in Nepal.


How Does This Campaign Work?

Here are some points of the campaign you need to be familiarized with:


  • Explaining the said campaign to your staff and encourage them to change their profile image to the #IAmInBaliNOW image.
  • Explaining it to all of the tourists who are visiting the island and let them share it on social networking sites by posting their selfies in Bali while tagging your business and using the hashtag: #iaminBaliNOW


Why Did Bali Launch The #IAmInBaliNOW Campaign?

According to General Manager of Khiri Travel Indonesia Herman Hoven, tourists should still keep on visiting Bali as it’s perfectly safe to do so. Furthermore, he added that there has been a 20% drop in tourism bookings in Bali tourism sector at large, since the 3031m (9944 ft) Mt. Agung volcano started to show an increased signs of activity during the third week of September.

Hoven further added that there has been no explosion. There may never even be one, and the vast majority of Bali’s tourism activities take place between 30 and 60 kms (18 and 37 miles) from Mt. Agung. It’s considered to be a safe distance. In addition, irresponsible reporting and comments on social media that have generated unwanted fear factor. While the situation on Bali’s grounds remain calm and tourism operators remain open for business.


Basically, the fear of tourists about Mt. Agung erupting anytime soon is the driving force as to why Bali started this campaign.


The Effects On Tourism

Tourism is considered to be Bali’s largest economic sector, accounting for around 40% of the local economy. Although reliable statistics are a bit challenging to find these days. There are no major government travel advisories recommending tourists to cancel. Instead, overseas governments advice tourists to monitor reliable sources of media and follow advice from Balinese provincial authorities.

For tourism operators located in Bali, they’re being encouraged to share positive content about all of their actual activities and traveler’s experiences on social media outlets by using the hashtag #iaminBaliNOW in all posts.

As for tourists, there’s no need for you to put that things to do and see in Bali list down just yet. You can help Bali by visiting the place and help increase their tourism that generates much-needed jobs and injects much-needed currency into the economy. Don’t worry about Mt. Agung exploding, as it will never explode right now. So, better you explore all of the sights you want to see in the island paradise.

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