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Ogoh-Ogoh Dolls

The Ogoh-Ogoh doll is a “lucky” design, a “lucky charm” and original art in the tradition of “art toys” that are the rage now among the young, so young and design enthusiasts.

The Ogoh-Ogoh are performed in a 100% scale, each little monster is unique and reveals the talent of its creator who shapes from scraps of fabric in cotton.

Origin and mythology

The word “Ogoh-Ogoh” finds its origin in places of the worlds most mystical and enchanting of all: the island of Bali. It comes from the mythology of the Hindu Indonesian Island.

The Balinese created every year (during the Balinese New Year, called day of “Nyepi”), huge monsters made of tubes of bamboo and paper Mache. Men use their traditional artisanship to create the most terrifying monster (because it symbolizes the forces of evil) but also the most fun possible: all delusions are possible!

On the eve of Nyepi, people walking their enormous Ogoh-Ogoh in the streets, make them dance, turn, so they are lost and no longer find the way to Bali!

The party is generally the spectacular crowd, women light fires on their way and children are the maximum noise to scare away the demons: cymbals, gongs and firecrackers, scream … Anything goes!

After their well-tormented demon, the villagers burnt a large pile, then they return home quickly and does more noise overnight to the Ogoh-Ogoh cannot find the direction of Bali.

Monster Festive Doll Design

Balinese Ogoh-Ogoh freely inspires our Ogoh-Ogoh; they perpetuate creativity, artisanship and above all pursue the same goal: creating a world more colorful and funny.

Welcome to Bali

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