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National Monument Park is located in the beloved Nation Margarana Marga village. Sub Marga, Tabanan, located approximately 25 kilometers from Denpasar red Kea northwest. This happened in front of the historic event “Puputan Margarana”.


Monuments in the area we disabut by a long line of names of the fallen heroes who 62 years ago when troops commanded by Ciung Vanara Let.Kol I Gusti Ngurah Rai, who fought all out (blowing), when the soul is not something valuable when compared with sense of nationalism to maintain the independence of Indonesia. Then we continue the journey into the area of the monument, visible from a distance Heroes monument, in addition to the east and west there are two long, fairly wide bale. Carpet of green grass in front of the monument and the area is often in the designation as a place of ceremonial flag. Quite a unique form of architectural monument, the basic form and terms of five individual dimasing corner contains images sila-sila in Pancasila, this gives the meaning that the struggle is carried out based on the five values that underlie the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia.

At the monument there is also a rejection letter to the Dutch occupation in Bali, each in pengggal into four and placed in kempat side monuments. Headstone headstone larger than others and also in more than decorate the other is Lt. headstone. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Among those lined headstones there is also a hero who comes from outside Bali, and even some from Japan. Look at the picture on the next page.

Margarana Park

This is the garden tomb of heroes to honor heroes who died in the war of independence bellows, November 20, 1946. In the fierce war that u are not balanced Bali army troops led by Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, all fall due to massive air strikes by the Dutch army. As a tribute, ashes, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, along with all the troops who died in the battle were planted here.

Heroes In this temple we can see some of the inscriptions is a copy of a letter from I Gusti Ngurah Rai, who did not want to compromise much less subject to the Netherlands. Since the first troops under the command of the Ngurah Rai named Ciung Vanara army, hero of the garden tomb was also known by the name Ciung Vanara Hero Cemetery.

This monument is an area of nine hectares, divided into three parts, namely the Mandala concept of Tri mengikiti upstream, middle and downstream as follows.

One. On the upstream (north) with a total area of four hectares, is a complex of sacred buildings called beloved National Park, consists of buildings – buildings as follows:

– Temple of Heroes Margarana; standing 17 meters tall stately, sculpted here in a multithreading contents of a letter answer, I Gusti Ngurah Rai (Bali Warrior Council Leader) to Lieutenant-Colonel Termeulen (Netherlands), which describes the greatness of spirit of struggle and patriotism umumnyta Indonesian nation and the people of Bali in particular.

– Court of the ceremony, flanked by Dub alai resort (the eastern and western)

– Statue Panca Bakti; is located on the south court of the ceremony, after pinti entrance, depict the unity and integrity of all the people in the struggle for independence.

– Taman Bahagia, located in the north and northeast of Heroes Margarana temple, consisting of a headstone or monument in 1372 which shows the number of fighters heroes who died on the battlefield during the physical revolution in Bali, as an independence war hero, including a tomb for unknown heroes .

– Historical Building; located in East sebalah Margarana Heroes Temple, as a storage objects – objects of history of struggle.

– Sacred Garden; historical buildings located in the south, is a self purgatory for visitors who want to perform pilgrimage / worship service.

2. In the middle or at the South Park area of beloved nation with one hectare, called Cultural Art Park, consisting of buildings: Wantilan, coffee shops and souvenir stores planned to be built.

3. On the Lower (South) with an area of four hectares, is called Nature Works Park, and here was planned to be built Earth Youth Camps.

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