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Beginning in March 2020, the PT ASDP – Indonesia’s State-owned Ferry and Ferry Port Operator will provide an online ticket reservation systems on its Ketapang-Gilamanuk service connecting East Java and West Bali.

NusaBali reports that the new online ticket service is gradually being introduced with PT ASDP, hoping those traveling between the two ports will come to the online ticket system to improve ferry services to the public.

The general manager of ASDP for the Ketapang-Gilmanuk Ferry Ports, Fahmi Alweni, confirmed on Sunday, March 1, 2020, the online ticket system has been in operation for some time. However, in keeping with the nationwide push for greater efficiency and cashless transaction, efforts are now underway to accelerate and maximize the use of ASDP’s online ticketing system.

As ASDP works toward the eventual goal of 100% prepaid online ticketing, passengers can still purchase their tickets from ticket booths in operation at the ports and other locations.

Ferry tickets can be purchased from the designated website or by downloading the application for ASDP Tickets available from Play Store. When purchasing a ticket online, passengers will be required to list their identities, details on fellow passengers, and the vehicle making the crossing to permit the preparation of the passenger and vehicle manifest needed before a ferry is allowed to sail. Customers will also be asked to pick a departure time for their voyage.

Online ASDP Ferry Tickets ordered online can be paid a “maximum” of two hours before the ferry’s scheduled departure time. Payment for the ticket can be made using electronic online payment methods.

Ticket ordering and payment can also be made via selected mini-markets or other electronic transaction outlets.

Passengers using the ASDP online ticketing system will need to arrive at the port before the scheduled departure time of the voyage they selected. Discussions are underway on how ASDP will deal with ticket holders who miss their designated sailing time with officials confirming some degree of flexibility will be granted during the initial operation period of the online ticketing system.

Fahmi told the press how the new ASDP online ticketing system would speed administration, assist in voyage planning, and help the ferry company keep to their printed schedule.

(News from Bali Discovery)

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