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Seeing Yadi Accompanied Nasrudin Main Golf “Caddy”

Yadi bin Nibu golf course security guard officer Modernland Tangerang City, Banten Tangerang District Court trial on ever seeing Nasrudin said Zulkarnain, President Director of PT Putra Rajawali Banjaran (PRB) play goals accompanied by “caddy” named Spot.

“I never saw Nasrudin` company `caddy named Spot, not Rani Yuliani,” said Yadi in Tangerang, on Thursday presented by U.S. Attorney (prosecutor) at the Tangerang District Court as a witness.

According to him, Nasrudin began actively playing golf since the year 2005 every weekend and often with colleagues called Seno.

Answering the questions the panel of judges chaired by M. Asnun SH, if ever saw Nasrudin playing golf with the Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) non-active, Antasari Azhar or the company “caddy” Rani Yuliani.

Yadi menjawanb but only because his job is never secure the only golf course and surrounding parking lots.

Similarly, Yadi never seen two motorcyclists were using a black jacket around housing Modernland Tangerang.

After some time, motorists were long gone and there is no news that the shooting occurred Hartono Raya on the road about 30 yards from where she worked.

Nasrudin was shot defendant Daniel Daen Sabon after playing golf on the Padang Golf Modernland Tangerang when going home at Jalan Hartono Raya Tangerang City Housing Modernland, 14 Meret 2009, the victim was killed in a silver sedan police number B-191-E.

Defendant Daniel is not alone in planning the murder with his partner but the bagol alias Heri Santoso, Franciscus Amsi aka Tadom Kerans, Hendrikus Kiawalen aka Hendrik and Eduardus Ndopo aka Edo Mbete.

The defendants had their respective roles are still in the killings of action, they are entangled with the punishment yunto coated article 340 paragraph 55 of article I to-to-1 or 2 with the maximum threat of death.

While the shooting case that dragged the Chairman of Nasrudin Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Antasari non-active and former police chief Azhar Metro Tangerang and Jakarta Selatan, Kombes Wilardi Wizar and Sigit Haryo Wibisono as funders.

While the defendants received wages ranged from Rp70 million to Rp100 million after killing lives Nasrudin.

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