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Srawung Art, Community Art Culture and Literacy

The existence of cultural arts community and literacy in different regions during this continues to support herself while maintaining the spirit and purpose of dipundaki. Although sometimes tripping step faltered movement and breath, but their presence into custody dock in the middle of the current culture of modernity that continues to undermine this country alone.

In the ‘alienation’ they do not silence the movement attracted many audiences. The young people with the spirit of this young should have appreciation for the efforts they are doing. Movement of this community crept dilajur each with a direct purpose: to protect the continuity of local cultural arts and building awareness of literacy.


Often, an appreciation of space constraints become an obstacle in maintaining the continuity of the movement of this community. In Surabaya, not much space available to work with mediocre funds. Gallery Surabaya, which is often used because the cost is very cheap any condition is very alarming and unfeasible.

To that end, “SRAWUNG ART” trying to provide space to spread out the work of community expressions of music, theater, art, photography, literacy, literature, etc. with style menyesuaiak kotametropolis character, the cafe became the choice. Hopefully, future, SRAWUNG antiretroviral therapy can be used as space exploration and performance of work for every community. The goal is to place exchange of information and culture network expansion so that the mov  ement can better work together and not be a movement that runs on its own.



Dipandegani by community TOMORROW (Cok-Hurry Literature overhang Ojo Keri) in collaboration with DBUKU (Gallery Bibliopolis book), then on Thursday (15 / 4) “ART SRAWUNG mark his first appearance at the Art Cafe, Jl Brigjend Katamso 222, Waru Sidoarjo by holding a meeting COMMUNITY SENIBUDAYA and LITERACY.

Attending the event was the Community of Percussion (Snack Market, Phsyconoise), high school musical Bina Nations Poetry, Indie Bands, OI DKSH Surabaya (Iwan Fals Fans Club), Insan Reading (literacy), Arek Museum (Fine Arts), Forum Rebo Afternoon (literature and literacy Unesa), C2O Library and Cinemateque, Community Comics Suicide, and others.

Also attended novelist who lived a long time from Surabaya in Jakarta, Kirana Morningstar. Then also the author of novels Ferry Herlambang Zanzad (Elle Eleanor), and Mahwi Freshwater (short story writer, jogja).

“ART SRAWUNG we all aspire to become the arena so that the exchange of ideas between communities to respond to each idea. That way, a work will become richer. Music community may at some time to respond to works of art my friends, the community of writers to respond to photography, and so on, “said Gita Pratama, Coordinator TOMORROW.

In a discussion moderated by Diana Sasa from DBUKU, Ilham A representative from Arek Baday Museum says “Each community has two main problems, namely the network and space expression. And the presence of these ART SRAWUNG presumably can bridge it, become a means of communication and exchange of discourse between the trans community as well as appreciation of the work space ”

ART SRAWUNG appreciation activities planned will hold a regular work every Thursday night, the second week of each month.

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