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Tajen in Bali


 In public life in Indonesia, cockfight gambling are well known and quite popular in some communities in some areas. In Balinese cockfight gambling known as Taken, which comes from the word meaning a sharp spurs and has grown quite rooted in the life of the Balinese community.


In the beginning, “Taken” is part of religious rituals or red drum seta take place in the Balinese Hindu community. Which of these require the existence of red drum that was dripping blood as symbols / terms of purified human avarice / greed against the values of materialistic and worldly. Hit the red is also significant as a blind ritual Tanya which the blood that dripped to the earth, mankind is symbolized as a request to Sang Hang Within Was a order to avoid distress.

 In line with the dynamics of the social life of the people of Bali, has been movement in the meaning of the ritual and the red drum, red drum in which the meaning or stamps have been manipulated and diterminologikan seta as Taken. Yet when examined, red drum and taken is a different sense, but in fact, red drum used shields to hold taken.
 Ironically taken reality can serve as a medium of interaction and communication across social strata. Background in social status to a liquid and run, people mingle and merge physically and emotionally, all parties focused on the second bout of chicken fights. Even taken by society has also been viewed as one form of entertainment and games tunic eliminate boredom and physical fatigue after heavy activity.

 In recent decades the position and role taken getting stronger and it seems to get legitimacy from various circles of society. Some unscrupulous people who held beragurmentasi that taken intended solely for the purposes of construction or development of social economic life of indigenous peoples. From the perspective of legal anthropology, this social phenomenon is a process of decriminalization taken as gambling. Although the terms of the Hindu religion in particular, in the scriptures there is no single adapting Wada that justifies the existence of various forms and types of gambling activities.

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