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Tanah Lot Sunset Tour Half Day

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour one of the options namely Half Day Tour visiting the streets of attractions in Bali with a duration of 6 hours 

Enthusiasts sunset in Bali will not miss one of the most beautiful moment of sunset scenery sunset at Pura Tanah Lot. Events at sunset sea boundary lines combined with the uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple in the middle of the sea makes Tanah Lot as one tourist destination in Bali terfaforit. That’s why we present the tourist attractions in Tanah Lot, this half day tour program we called Tanah Lot Sunset Tour. Sightseeing we combine with other attractions that are not less interesting Taman Ayun Temple is a lively history of the breath and the religious and the Alas Kedaton a tourist attraction famous cultural conservation with hundreds keranya friendly. Especially for this tour program, the departure is only done on that day at 2 pm. More detailed information about the Tanah Lot Sunset Tour can be listened to in the description below:

                                                     HALF DAY TOUR IN BALI  

Tanah Lot Sunset Tour
Departure Every day starting 14:00 noon (Duration: 6 hours) 

Pick up at hotel (area of Kuta, Sanur, Denpasar, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua), the journey begins with a visit Taman Ayun Temple, Temple relic King Mengwi heyday. This temple was built with the concept of Tri Mandala (3 pages) and is surrounded by a beautiful pond that describe a kingdom with a protective fortress. On the main page there are some of Meru (the roof shrine odd story) to worship the god who dwells in every mountain in Bali such as G. Agung, G. Batur, G. Batukaru and others. Followed by a visit Kedaton Alas, a small forest with a sacred temple that guarded by dozens of monkeys and bats (giant bats). Tour ends at Tanah Lot, the southern coast, known for its unique play amid the sea (Tanah Lot) and the beauty sunsetnya. Pura Tanah Lot is a place of worship Varuna kehadapan Sang Hyang (manifestation of God as the God of the sea). Dinner was served at the Ocean restaurant while enjoying the beauty of the sunset. After dinner, back to the hotel.

Programs Tour price per person (Rupiah) Price Includes
min.           2 org           3-4 org               5 to 6 org
Half Board 265,000     214,000                 177,000                                  

 Vehicles are air-conditioned private, tour guide services, entrance fee, tourist attractions and dinner costs

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