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Terjunkan 200 Police Personnel and Brimob Dalmas

The implementation dalmas demonstrations of the Indonesian Democratic Party cadres struggle (PDIP) in Tabanan Bali on this day.

The Cadre PDIP Secretariat held a demonstration at the Branch Leadership Council (DPC) PDIP Tabanan as a form of protest against the cancellation of the candidate packets and vice-regent regents Sukaja-Eka Wiryastuti by the Central Executive Council.

Bali Police Spokesman on Sugianyar Cede Denpaasar statement on Monday (18/1) states flip Brimob and 200 personnel to help Dalmas Tabanan Police anticipate the occurrence of anarchist action.

In addition to avoiding the destruction of public facilities by the cadres who are dissatisfied with the decision PDIP.

“This is more on the internal aspects of the party, we must not rashly make police enforcement, we must also consider factors that influence,” said Gede Sugianyar.

Gede Sugianyar mention of the monitoring results Polda Bali since yesterday have not found cases of destruction of public facilities due to the brutal actions PDIP cadres who are not satisfied.

PDIP cadres only do damage to the post-post winnings and burning tires in front of the post. (MIT)

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