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Things to Do and See in Bali: 3 Sports Bars to Visit

When you’re looking for a place in Bali to watch and enjoy your favorite sports program, then you’ll be surprised to find that there are many sports bars you can visit. These places have all the major international events sorted out. With big TVs and even projector screens showing live feeds, you’re sure to not miss a thing


The only thing you need to check is which events are being shown, and then you can grab a light meal before joining in on cheering for your favorite team. As soon as sports season starts, these places get their vibe on. Whether it’s a thrilling race, or a clash of champions, hitting these bars can be a good addition to your list of things to do and see in Bali.


If you’re worried about the bar getting too rowdy, there’s no need to, because these bars are meant for good sports and good times and things don’t become overly frenzied. So here are a few you may want to check out.


Adrenalin Sports Bar, Seminyak


Right upstairs from the bakery and art shops at Seminyak Square, the Adrenalin Sports Bar is a great place for a cold Bintang whenever you want to escape the heat of the day. This is especially true after you’ve spent a few hours shopping in Seminyak.


This dedicated sports bar screens sporting events from all over the world. These range from major-league baseball to premiere soccer to and NBA basketball matches, all on 13 wall-mounted widescreen TVs. You can sit anywhere in the bar; just be sure to arrive early if you want to have the best spot.


Stadium Cafe and Sports Bar, Kuta


Stadium Cafe and Sports Bar is a popular spot in Kuta and is located on the so-called ‘Kuta Sidewalk’ where you can easily catch a glimpse of what’s on the screens inside and the crowd gathering around the bar.


That said, loitering guests watching from the sidewalk with beer in hand is not a rare sight here. Sports fans are always lively around these parts when they see their favorite teams playing on screen.


Y Sports Bar, Legian


This sports bar in Legian is part of the Garden View Resort, tucked away on the northern end of Jalan Padma. The spot is actually a hit to tourists, especially those from Australia.


The area has a number of screens that shows different Australian and international sporting events. There will be times that guests have their own sporting preference, and channels follow suit, creating a somewhat frenzied scene.


If there’s nothing interesting to watch, you can always try out the pool table they have. There, you can have friendly matches with your friends if there’s nothing interesting about the sports program they’re showing.


Bali Tourism Board encourages you to visit these bars when you want to enjoy your time at Bali while not missing out on your favorite sports teams during your vacation. Fortunately, these aren’t just the only sports bars in this island paradise. There are a whole lot more for you to visit.

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