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Things to Do and See in Bali: 4 Must-Visit Surfing Destinations

The best surfing spots in Bali are mostly located on the southern coasts and around the Bukit peninsula. These fun playgrounds are strictly for advanced surfers as they’re mostly comprised of serious reef breaks and greater curls compared to the more popular and leisurely sandy breaks of Kuta and Legian.

One of the best places for surfing competitions in Bali would have to be at Padang Padang; most competitions are held here due to the long and consistent barrels. Meanwhile, the legendary breaks of Uluwatu provide an exotic temple backdrop, with constant large swells. If planning to visit these places, add ‘surfing’ to your list of things to do and see in Bali.

Whether you’re a beginning surfer, or you’ve been surfing for some time, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy catching a wave on your tropical holiday to Bali. So here are some of the best surfing spots you can visit while there, where you can line up and ride world-class waves:


Uluwatu is a popular spot not only for its top waves, but also for its location and the overall experience of surfing with the beautiful scenery and Bali’s unique temple landmark. Where else in the world can you sit look up to the hill after catching a big wave and see an ancient Hindu shrine and a magnificent cliff face?

Uluwatu is definitely a must-visit surfing destination when you’re traveling Bali.


Suluban is a surfing paradise that’s not far north of Uluwatu. This spot, nicknamed ‘Blue Point’, has a beautiful narrow beach where many sunbathers gather.

Getting to the beach is an adventure down steep staircases and rocky opening that will require you to bend over a bit in order for you to pass through. Still, after all that hardship to get there, you’ll be rewarded with some awesome waves to ride.

Padang Padang

Padang Padang is a favorite surfing destination in Bali due to its consistent barrels, and most of all, its accessibility and unique hollow rock entrance that opens out onto an exotic, long white sand beach.

It’s located just between Bingin and Uluwatu, and the beach is a regular host to some surfing competitions. The powerful and consistent waves here usually measure four feet and above. It’s definitely a professional surfer’s paradise.


Impossibles is located between Bingin and Padang Padang, and it features a long reef. The nickname implies that it was once an intimidating break, urging experienced surfers to conquer its waves.

Impossibles comprises three takeoff zones (or ‘peaks’), the first of which is accessible via Padang Padang. The other two are accessible from the spot’s midsection. Here you can enjoy long and powerful swells with consistent barrels.

Bali Tourism Board advices you to stay away from beaches with powerful waves if you’re still a beginner when it comes to surfing. However, it’s still worth it to set aside some of your time to visit the spots mentioned above. Even if you can’t surf, you can have fun doing something else instead.

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