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Toll Gate Cikampek Assets

Purwakarta, (ANTARA News) – Traffic on the Toll gate Cikampek, Cikopo, Purwakarta Regency downtown Jakarta and surrounding areas on H +4 or Friday afternoon smoothly, does not happen means a vehicle density which resulted in the queue.

Between the lines watchlist sticks Pantura Cikampek toll gate, showing the density of vehicles from the T-junction just happened to Pearl Cikopo highway, due to the number of vehicles coming and going from house to eat on the side of the road Cikopo.

However, the melt density of a few hundred yards into Cikampek toll gate. While conditions Cikampek toll gates do not occur smoothly and the queue at the entrance toll gate Cikampek.

Vehicles that pass from the point Pantura Cikampek toll gate on Friday afternoon is still dominated by private vehicle and bus type vehicles.

Meanwhile, vehicles from the Purwakarta-Bandung Jakarta goal was diverted to the toll gate Kalihurip, and Cikampek toll gate was set aside for vehicles crossing the path Pantura to Jakarta.

Based on traffic data Cikampek toll gate, at +5 H is estimated vehicles entering the gate Cikampek toll reaches 34,135 vehicles.

As for vehicles entering the gate on Friday Kalihurip toll is estimated as many as 9455 vehicles.

For vehicles entering the Toll gate at H +3 Cikampek Lebaran or Thursday (25/ 9) as many as 31,066 vehicles or increased compared with backflow Lebaran 2008 and on the same day, as many as 29,465 vehicles.

As for vehicles entering the Toll gate at H +3 Kalihurip Lebaran yesterday reached 5793 vehicles or decrease compared with the flow behind the Lebaran 2008 and then on the same day, as many as 6028 vehicles.

Until now, the toll gate was imposed Cikampek three entrances and exits at five toll gates Cikampek. It will continue to apply until H +7 later.

“The implementation of the three entrance that will certainly continue to be Lebaran until H +7 later, because of passing vehicles Cikampek toll gate quick,” the officer said Toll Gate Communications Center Cikampek, Daryono, in Cikopo.

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