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Tours Scuba Diving in Tanjung Benoa

Bali diving is one of the Bali tourist you can enjoy being interrupted during your vacation to Bali. There are several places you can use as a place of diving in Bali, including Tanjung Benoa, Tulamben, Amed and some other diving in Bali. With international berstandard tool we can enjoy the underwater beauty of Bali with a comfortable guided by experienced instructors make your Bali holidays you are especially fond of the underwater adventure bali will feel comfortable with the diving in Bali with us.

Tanjung Benoa, near Nusa Dua is a suitable diving for beginners. Diving or diving activities will be accompanied by experienced instructors.

You’ve never diving at all? Do not worry, our diving instructor will teach you how to enjoy the natural attractions of this submarine.

Rp. 450,000 250,000

Includes: peratalan safey diving, showers, experienced and certified instructors. ** Photos and video available on request, fees may be asked on the spot.

Phone: 0361 2786524

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