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The island of Bali with all its uniqueness, beauty and natural beauty of Bali and the Balinese hospitality population, it is very appropriate for our visit. Island of Bali by bearing the various nicknames such as: Island of the Gods, Pulau Seribu Pura, Morning of the World, Paradise Island, and so forth is a concrete manifestation of the natural beauty of Bali with Balinese traditions and culture.

Our hope, for those of you who have never traveled to Bali to know the unique side of the island of Bali and of course to get to know the island of Bali. By knowing our bali you mangajak together to keep the bali, bali love and that is no less important to visit Bali to know more closely.

“SWEET BALI TOUR AND TRAVEL” always ready to wait for your visit in Bali and we are always ready to serve your needs during the holidays on the island of Bali such as Hotels, Package Tour, Tour Programs, Rental Car/Rent Car Bali Guiding Services and others.

Ber holiday in Bali for visiting relatives and touring around Bali. Come, enjoy a holiday in Bali with his “SWEET BALI TOUR AND TRAVEL”, us “SWEET BALI TOUR AND TRAVEL” offers car rental services/rent car, car chartered including driver/driver, a variety of tour packages, tour program/tour programs and tour packages executive in Bali for both individual and group vacation destination for domestic and Temporary Resident Permit Holder, visit the government/corporate, school vacation/study tour, and tour vacation packages in Bali other with low fares and cheap and quality services. Let’s enjoy the sweet memories of holidays in Bali, the beautiful panorama of Bali, and the beautiful island of the gods with “SWEET BALI TOUR AND TRAVEL”.

Until the conference in Bali.

Welcome to Bali

Bali Tourism Board

Welcome to the the Bali Tourism Board, the voice of Bali's tourism industry! As one of the prime tourist destinations of the world, the extraordinarily unique island of Bali virtually ensures a great holiday for backpackers and VIPs alike! From hostels to award-winning world-class resorts, Bali has it all! Come and experience Bali's one-of-a-kind culture and the natural hospitality of her people.

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