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Workers Find Time Age of War Mortar, sanur, Sanur Residents tantrum. Mortar types of explosives are still active, was found when digging ‘septic tank’, not far from the Hotel Werda Temple in Jalan Danau Tamblingan Sanur.

Mortar types of explosives were numbered series 4/14 1.8.440, height 38 cm, 5 cm in diameter of the front, rear diameter circle of 12 cm and 40 cm. The explosives were now secured in the Police Mobile Brigade mako Bali.

The first time the mortar was found by a worker while going to dig a septic tank around 14.00 Wita.

When kedalamam excavation reaches 3 meters, hoe suddenly hit something hard labor. When checked, it was an explosive type of mortar.

The discovery was reported to direct mortar unit Gegana Sat Bali Police Mobile Brigade, led Aiptu Nurhadi. Police officers went straight to sterilize location put on the police lines.

According to Police Public Relations Bali Kabid Kombes Pol Gde Sugianyar, from the crime scene, the explosives were found in rusty condition.

The officer confirmed the origin of Gianyar, the explosives were probably the result of the remnants of war.

This can be seen from the condition when found mortars in a state of rust.

“The explosives and mortars are still active now been secured. When viewed sissa possibility of a war relic”, the former police chief beber Balikpapan it. (Spy)

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